Web development

Why to learn web programming?  

For the past 2 years there has been a huge demand of web developers in Armenia. There are more 300 IT companies in Armenia, which employ at least 2-3 front end web developers each. Currently there are more than 10 vacant positions of web developers announced. It is really very easy to learn web programming and quickly get an internship opportunity in a software development company.  

About the course    

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia is starting a new training course 'Web programming' (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery). The course covers the skills and techniques, needed to create your first website and will introduce JavaScript, variables, scope and manipulation with DOM elements. It is designed for novices who’ve always wanted to build a site but lack the skills or knowledge to do it. The trainer will provide an accelerated introduction to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery and help you learn basic web programming skills.   

What will I be able to do after the course?   

During the course you will start an individual project, which will be developed, modified and reviewed based on the lessons passed. After completing this course you will be able to build a responsive portfolio site with your own CSS framework. You’ll also have the functionality in place to add future websites to your portfolio.    

Training Duration
27 lessons x 2 hours
Training Cost
104,000 AMD (The payment can be made in two parts)
Recommended Background
Computer literacy

The program of the course is presented. The language of instruction is Armenian.   

The training course is organized in collaboration with Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Armenian National Polytechnic University.