Cybersecurity Bootcamp with the Central Bank of Armenia

Starting Date
Monday, May 9, 2022
Application Deadline
Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Program Duration
7 months /3-4 times per week/
Information Session
Tuesday, April 26, 19:00

Did you know that the Central Bank of Armenia has its cyber security team with “strikers and defenders”? And this is your unique chance to join it.

In partnership with the Central Bank of Armenia, Microsoft Innovation Center has tailored a Cybersecurity bootcamp  within the framework of CyHub Armenia initiative.

During the 7-month bootcamp, the participants will gain fundamental and practical knowledge on Cybersecurity, the curriculum will cover Computer Network & Security, Operating Systems (OS) & Programing, Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, work on real-life projects; network with industry experts and get an employment opportunity at the CBA Cybersecurity team.

The Central Bank of Armenia is challenging young- enthusiasts with can-do attitude to join the CBA Team of Cyber Security heroes.  If you are open to challenges and ready to put a maximum effort to become a professional on international level than we are ready multiply your endeavor to make your dream come true.

You will work on projects with an impact on NOT only financial sector but also country-wise, as well as, have a unique opportunity to learn from the leading professionals in the field. And finally, we are ready to welcome you in our team no matter you see yourself as a future “striker” or a “defender”.

Best practices of previous bootcamps served as a good basis, with more than 1000 interns working at the best Armenian IT companies.

About CyHub Armenia

CyHub Armenia is the main cybersecurity hub in Armenia, a joint initiative of IBM, CISCO, National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA), Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute (YCRDI), Armenian Government, the World Bank and Enterprise Incubator Foundation.

Why Cybersecurity?

Due to the accelerating rate of technological advancement and the digitalization, the threats that face online data transmission are constantly evolving, keeping the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA concept) of information at high importance at any point of any business activity. In other words, we live in a digital world and all institutions, including the Central Banks, whether they like it or not, use various digital devices to get or to provide multiple digital services. So they should keep in mind the Cyber risks 24/7.  If we look at the statistics, in recent years, the average time of data breach detection has been more than 200 days. Can you imagine the risk scales if somebody is blissing in the internal system or network of any public institution, the Central Bank or a telecom company for 200 days?

Though the financial ecosystem has always been one of the main targets of cybercriminals, in recent years the cyber-attacks on critical public infrastructure have significantly increased. So, how to solve this multi-layered problem?

It is a delusion that cybersecurity is just a technical issue and can easily be solved by acquiring and using advanced equipment and contemporary technologies. Cybersecurity is not a homogeneous, linear problem, it’s rather a puzzle that goes far beyond and requires accuracy, resilience, consistency and endeavor to learn and develop. Only with qualified people, effective processes and advanced technology any organization will be able to successfully fight against cybersecurity risks and protect its assets.      

The CIA concept together with the PPT (People-Process-Technology) method, with People being at the core of it, can create a strong shield and solve the above mentioned problem.  You can become one of those “People” who shields the Central Bank, the financial sector and, of course, the Republic of Armenia for 24/7.  

What is a tailored bootcamp?

The bootcamp program is designed in cooperation with the Central Bank according to CBA specific needs. In-depth training courses, delivered by experts at the creative premises of CBA and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, spiced with a great environment and super people-oriented culture.

Cybersecurity is a multidisciplinary field that requires comprehensive knowledge of different areas of IT field. In each of the 11 sections you will have mentors who are experts of that particular field. The training courses cover technical topics related to operating systems, networks, databases, as well as, topics related to identification, analysis and management of cyber security risks. More detailed information can be found by the following link.   

The training sessions of at least 2- 2,5 hours will be carried out 3-4 times a week (evening hours.) However, only hard work of at least 4-5 hours a day will lead you to success.

During the program, besides the technical hard skills you will also gain the following soft skills:

  • Reporting skills:
    • How to do analysis and prepare reporting?
    • What are the main criteria of a good report?
  • Presentation skills:
    • How to present the technical material in a plain language?

For more information on the program, come to the OFFLINE information session, which will take place on April 26 at 19։00.

Who can be the participant of the BootCamp?

We are looking for intelligent and goal-oriented people, who:

  • Are committed and want to grow with a fantastic team
  • Are at least in the 3rd or final year of their studies. Specialization in technical science and mathematics is a plus
  • Have logical thinking and IT literacy 
  • Are committed to develop technical and soft skills and work on exciting solutions within one team.

What do we guarantee, and why to participate? 

  • Excellent opportunity to enrich your practical skills
  • Perfect opportunity to work on real projects
  • Fantastic opportunity to JOIN the CBA Cybersecurity team.

Important to know

If you are interested in creating a brand-new career path and are committed to put your maximum effort also outside the classroom to become a world class professional in one of the most prominent fields with a guaranteed job opportunity, this program is for you.

The most talented students will receive progress based scholarships and will have a chance to join the CBA Cyber Security heroes.

How to apply

The admission rate is highly competitive, and only 12-15 participants who pass the test and the interview, will be enrolled. If you don’t want to miss the chance to work at a fast-growing team like the Central Bank, fill in the application form by April 26. 

How much is the tuition? 

The tuition for the whole program is 690,000 AMD.

Registration Form