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Do you want to learn programming or any related professions? You are in the right place. We provide training courses on front-end and back-end web development, as well as Quality Assurance and UI/UX design. Drop by our office and we will select the right learning route for you.

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  • Arman Gasparyan

    I started learning coding when I was 22 and thought that maybe it was too late, as I was learning from books. At the innovation center I passed several courses and realized that coding is not just reading. It requires lots of practice. To become a good developer, one should find its passion in programming.

    Arman Gasparyan | Volo/Junior Developer
  • Lilit Zarafyan

    Programming is not easy to learn, it requires lots of commitment and patience. If one doesn't like coding, it will be extremely hard. One of the motivations is that there isn't an end point in programming, you learn new things every day. At the innovation center I took a few courses, participated in the coding bootcamp and learnt not only C# but worked with databases, acquired basic skills in front-end web development.

    Lilit Zarafyan | BlueNet Armenia/Junior Developer